Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Zindra Expo 2010 is Coming!

I'm the Marketing Director for SL's official Zindra Expo this year. The inital announcement follows:

SL's first official large scale, week-long event to promote and celebrate the amazing new 'adult continent' will kick off May 7th.

Get involved now!
If you live in Zindra, have a business in Zindra, or any organisation in Zindra (or would like to!), contact us now to get the exposure you deserve! (this event is designed to help promote you!)

If you would love to explore Zindra, and learn all about the potential here, have incredible fun and make new friends, plan to attend Zindra Expo 2010.

Event Inquiries: Lias Leandros
Vendor Inquiries: Titania Bracken
Lifestyle Promotions: Chaley May
Marketing Director: Ginette Pinazzo

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