Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Press Release: ZEXPO 2010

For Immediate Release


The virtual world of Second Life will celebrate its 'more than mature' side this spring as the first Zindra Expo kicks off as a week-long event designed to bring together residents, businesses and organisations from across the 'adult continent', with a strong schedule of programming and attractions that promote the economy, industry and creativity of Zindra.

ZEXPO begins May 7th and will play host to SL celebrities, feature performances, contests, merchant displays, panel discussions and a wealth of provocative creations from across the Second Life globe. Being the international gathering of imagination that is SL, crowds will be expected from all over the world to join the historic event.

"I think the main thing is getting people excited to come to ZIndra!," said Blondin Linden, in a recent SL community meeting. The continent is an infinitely diverse landcape of interests and creative pursuits, with everything from fantasy-themed clubs and shopping districts, to role-playing areas and educational and outreach organisations. Unlike other areas of Second Life, Zindra boasts an 'adult attitude' and is definitely a place where tastes and flavors are wildly explored. (Residents must undergo age verification before entering Zindra)

As planning continues, any business or organisation interested in becoming involved in ZEXPO are highly encouraged to contact one of the event staff and discuss options.

Event Inquiries: Lias Leandros
Vendor Inquiries: Kaddan Yue
Educational Inquiries: JeZeBeLe Dagger
Marketing Director: Ginette Pinazzo

GATEWAY LOCATION: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Yedboro/74/73/34
FACEBOOK GROUP: Zindra Community

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