Monday, March 8, 2010

IWD Arts & Music Festival

I have some art (a special poster exhibit called 'Sisterhood' with posters that give out messages when you touch them) in the 2nd Annual International Womens Day Art and Music Festival (notecard attached) on NOW throughout the week at OWK. Come and support the Arts, Femdom and Sisterhood! - Love, GINA

Press Release About the Festival follows:

8 Mar - 16 Mar 7a-7p SLT 2nd Annual IWD FemDOM Arts and Music Festival

The 2nd Annual FemDom Arts and Music Festival will be at OWK® in Secondlife. The International Women's Day organization ( lists the various events for women being celebrated around the world and will show events in many countries you can go to. OWK® in SL has decided to celebrate women by offering a special art exhibit and close the evening with music.

Come by the OWK® courtyard and get a look at the exhibits from our talented female contributors: Aruba DeCuir, Shayna ThetiSheri with a debut on her latest work of art called "Empowered", BeeQueen Smythe, Ginette Pinazzo and Roxie Logan. We will have art on display at the Starr Playhouse from first life photographers Marcus Ranum, Igor Amelkovich, and Francois Benveniste presented by Zena Zemlja of Mind Body and Spirit Art Galleries. We also are displaying art renditions by Second Life residents floormat2000 Skytower and DaSlvBoy Krokus and Jagger Valeeva at the Starr Playhouse.

Come socialize and worship women at the OWK® Courtyard in a sim dedicated to the extreme power of Women. Music will be provided by FemDom Radio, the music that submissive men love to worship Dominant Women with. The event will be on March 8th and the art will remain on display through March 16th, 2010.

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