Monday, January 11, 2010

Wonderful Days Mixed With Sadness

SL is an amazing place. Nonstop wonder and adventure, love and beauty....and then occasional horrible experience to make a mess of it all. There may be 10 hours of bliss, but that arrogant creature with no regard for the rest of humanity arrives to make that 11th hour pure misery. SIGH.

Today has been great, but then 2 horrible creatures rolled across our threshold to spit on the doors of a home. A Sister who acts more like a barbarian, with no respect for the house she invades, and a worm that shows no understanding or respect for those around it. These two I had to ban, but I never like doing that.

After we spent a LONG time with the slave (who was very very new...and I believe strongly in patience and care with new arrivals), this 'owner' appaers and withoout even saying hello, demands the slave leave with her. This barbaric creature insults all Sisters, and the city itself. Does she normally spit in every house she visits?

The slave, ungrateful filth it was, left with her right away and did not seem repentant. Pure insult in every way. Also banned.

I have said it many time and here, I will say it again: 'Ownership' makes rudeness. I see it in men all the time, and even in Sisters.

Add to this, that the slave was a newbie. It is revolting that a new, highly impressionable man would be smothered by such a selfish, brattish monster. This type of damaging 'training' sets the worst example of Sisterhood. Men see us treating each other like enemies will not Respect us. You hurt Us ALL when you spit in one of our houses.


  1. Necessity is the mother of invention..........................

  2. perhaps...but what is the necessity in this case? (or the invention, for that matter)