Friday, January 29, 2010

Adventures in Second Life

A crazy mixed-up day filled with adventure. Many new arrivals. Having fun. Helping friends, sharing laughs, banning slaves......

Yes, the inevitable bans happen everyday.

Sadly, part of the SL adventure.

I could make a list, of all the various reasons I ban people from FF, but few of them would be worth it! It's part of the daily routine, it seems.

I prefer to concentrate on the love and warmth and goodness that comes with those days instead. is that hard to do? Yes, some days it is. Today I watched 3 men 'turn' disrespectful before my very eyes. Were they 'good men'. Perhaps. In some cases. In other cases, they were bad all along.

But as I say, they are good until they turn bad, right?

What saddens me FAR more than any slave's actions are the ways in which we, as Sister 'Femdom' sims, react to things and work together (or don't, as the case may be).

So many things to say about this topic......
I'll save THAT for a another post, soon to come.

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