Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Where is the Dungeon?

It doesn't happen often but sometimes a person will wander into Future Femdom, browse the city, seem confused and then start to leave and I catch them, only to hear the most amazing comment: 'I thought this was a femdom place, but I didn't see any dungeon'....


I am partially aghast and partially amused. Am I to understand some people think a Woman's place above man is related to medieval architecture? I am not sure why anyone would really want to have a 'dungeon' in their house (though many do). It seems barbaric. The 'Dark Ages' are not exactly the best time in history to emulate, right?

I realize the Dark Ages look is coming from bdsm culture, but I consider that an echo, if not complete quote from patriarchal society. I have no interest in the cold, harsh, primitive and uncivilised ways of that era, and believe that men must learn to worship Woman without those archaic trappings.

In other words, kiss the toes of my cowboy boots, slave. I am not wearing thigh-high stilettos to show you I am 'in charge'.

In a larger sense, the concept that a 'femdom place' is anything SO specific that it must include a dungeon is absurd and insults the creativity, imagination and LIBERATION that exists (and can exist) in the modern and future worlds. I consider it FAR more meaningful to have men worship us in a kitchen, supermarket aisle or train station. Keepng it 'in the dungeon' means nothing for Societal Femdom.

In fact, keeping such things 'hidden' only undermines the progress the Sisterhood must claim.

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