Saturday, February 24, 2018

Gyanrchy In Second Life! Join the Group For Matriarchal and Femdom Progress!

The virtual world of Second Life has been through many changes over the years. Residents have interacted for many different reasons, from community to commercial to recreational to educational.  Don't overlook SL as a medium through which Gynarchy values can be addressed and promoted!

In the past, various interconnected Feminist, Matriarchal, Gynarchal and Femdom groups have worked through challenges to bring about awareness and change throughout Second Life.

When concentrating on our mutual beliefs (not our differences) Sister Groups have had great impact during collaborations. Though SL's overall culture has changed drastically over time, the virtual world can still be a dynamic and meaningful avenue for those seeking to express and even experience Female-Led culture and principles.

One way to start is to join the Gynarchy In Second Life inworld group.
(and contact me inworld 'Ginette Pinazzo' for any guidance or support!!)

Join the Gynarchy in Second Life group now!

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