Wednesday, February 1, 2017

All Men Must Be Naked! NEW POLICY at Future Femdom: Second LIfe Matriarchy CFNM

As of this week, we are updating the Policies at Future Femdom in Second Life.

Effective immediately:

Upon arrival at the sim, men must be naked (or become naked as fast as possible) while on the Landing Point.

Under no conditions may men enter Future Femdom unless they are naked. Violators will be ejected and possibly banned.

Note: as with all FF policies, these are 'house rules' that override any 'personal rules' that visitors may have, and override any orders given to a man by anyone else at FF.  (as an example, if a Sister instructs a man to wear clothes of any type, that instruction cannot be followed)  All must respect house rules.

Why this new policy?
1. Members have been asking for it for a very long time.
2. The policy is completely in accordance with Future Femdom's principles

3.  This is step towards building a new, strong network of Societal Femdom sims in SL that hold similar principles, including 'CFNM" culture. This is also a step towards helping simpllfy rules AND inspiring  (seeding) new Societal Femdom sims in Second Life.

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