Friday, September 10, 2010

Who Needs Bad Men?

An interesting topic that comes up sometimes.....(and recently, a slave brought it up)....du we 'punish'; men in Future Femdom?

The short answer is NO.

If a man is 'bad'...a man is banned from FF..I do not tolerate bad men...they can live in prisons..far away from Us. (other places seem to tolerate bad men, but not at Future Femdom. Some place=s even seem to make a business out of it. )

Woman has NO USE for bad men.... ever.
If a man is bad on purpose...intentionally...then I do not want him near Us...he is useless....
if it is an honest mistake, that is different (we all make mistakes!)

If a man makes a very bad mistake (continually forget rules or is otherwise disrespectful, for example) he will be banned and will need to work hard to return....We do not do the work...slaves do

Everything is for OUR convenience......if I have to whip a man, that is NOT convenient...why should I work for a man?
So punishment makes no sense...because man must do the work to be GOOD.
The Future has absolutely NO PLACE for bad men.

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