Saturday, July 24, 2010

Slaves Make Me Laugh

I think one of the wonderful qualities of men can be, that they sometimes make Us laugh, and that's a great break in day filled with stress. They are created to please Us, worship us, and amuse Us. It's the 'amusement' part I am thinking about now.
Sometimes, I line them up and have them tell jokes, or limericks. or funny anecdotes. Sometimes, I've just been through a lot of work and a quick laugh is just the thing to relax me. Teaching men to be relaxed themselves, and comfortable enough to be able to provide amusement, is important. Nervous, stressed or anxious men have little use.
So..the message? Teach men to relax and Make Us Laugh, so We can really enjoy them!
(this is a funny photo sent to em by slave andre)

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