Sunday, July 25, 2010

Definition of Goddess

Here is how we define 'Goddess'....

A Goddess is:

1) a Woman who loves and uses positive energy in all things, who never resorts to anger or negative emotions. Sadness is not is part of beauty and love...but anger and hatred have no place in heaven.

2) a Woman who recognizes and embraces the existence of all other Goddesses, the Sisterhood, the Matriarchy and seeks to help us Connect. Selfishness, ego and isolation have no place in heaven.

3) a Woman who fights for her principles, philosophies and Precepts., who represents her Aspect with faith and commitment and cannot be swayed or undermined. Laziness or lack of clarity have no place in heaven!

4) a Woman who realizes that Power or Rights are nothing compared to Responsibilty, as it is when we assume great Responsibilty that we direct the path of the world.
Our natural evolution is to become Goddess-Empowered, which requires the recognition and removal of the manipulations of men and the growth of our own abilities and responsibilities. Liberation means Connecting.

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