Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Laugh a Little!

I should teach a class or do a lecture about humor, especially for 'slaves' in SL. I see too many in Sl who are SO serious, they drain the energy from a room, or open field.

Sometimes the slaves are so serious and have no apparent sense of humor that it is impossible to have them around. Laughter and humor reduces stress, and I see these men so stressed (or something) that nothing can happen. I tell them to relax and maybe even tell a funny joke or anecdote. Some cannot or won't do it.

I am not sure what sort of 'training' creates these humorless statues, but it is everything I oppose. To get to passion, requires comfort, which requires NO stress.

My point is simple: laugh a little! Have fun!

Yes, I tend to fall into lecturing or espousing Societal Femdom precepts to the point I am certain I am boring even the trees, so even I must pinch myself and make a joke now and then. More now than then!

And a message to slaves out there: Lighten Up!!!

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