Thursday, February 4, 2010

FD2010 is coming!

Acronym Alert! FD2010 is Femdom Day 2010 and its coming in early March! A month away! Produced by the Femdom Network (lat year's FD was fabulous!) I will posting many more details soon. I am the current Programming Director for the event and I hope to have amazing news soon about what attendess can expect. Of course, Future Femdom will have representation at this one-of-a-kind experience, which is SL's best (and only) 'Femdom' themed gathering of various sims and organisations that promote diverse aspects of femdom culture, philosophy and society. I expect a full range will be seen this time: from feminist presenters to great play parties, interesting performances to socially impactful activities. More to come about FD2010!!! (if you want to get INVEOLVED, contact Ginette Pinazzo inworld asap!!!!_


  1. Should be delayed to FemDom-Day July 24

  2. Silvia, do you have more detail about that? I'd love to get more involved in thta too. FD2010 was actually going to be in January but we tried to coincide with IWD.

  3. I think July 24 is better,
    together with others who know July 24 it will have more power
    and gives more time for preparing and promoting

    Gina, your activities are GREAT