Friday, February 4, 2011

Warriors of Love

A Goddess must be Responsible, and often that means taking a stand and fighting for beliefs. Sometimes that stand is controversial, or not even popular, but it is the Responsibility She has to others, to those in need, to those who cannot stand, to those who have no place to turn. To fight is not the way of Peace, but it is sometimes the way TO peace......
But those who fight for figthing's sake are wrong. Those who look for a war are harming us all. Responsibility means that you fight only when it is necessary, to save others, to save should never be popular.

A Goddess exists, supported by Love, not anger or hate. This means that She can continue forever, helping and yes, fighting for peace.....when surrounded by Love. This passion and energy give new life, revive, renew the spirit.

I have seen life waver, depression and desolation set in, darkness cover the sky...but a Goddess can rise again and lead to Light. She simply requires Love.

When the heavens' chorus is in her ears, and the light of the stars in her eyes, she can do anything. She can stand again and fight for Peace. She can spread the love all over creation.

For those who embrace and connect to the center of Passion, and the Pure Love of the Goddess, She will stand tall and guide you.

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