Thursday, January 6, 2011

Evolution of a Floating Couch

The following story illustrates the crazy process of creativity, how making things in Second Life can be an 'organic' process or how a Goddess is not so technically skilled (take your pick!). Either way, it certainly must prove that one thing leads to another, and whoever is doing the leading cant possibly be sne!
Step One: Inspiration at my Heels
One day, as I am relaxing with a slave at my feet, I notice the slave is doing a very nice job of worshiping my heels, to the point that i think: 'maybe I should make a couch thats designed specifically so that two men can kiss my heels, one on each heel'

Step Two: Crazy Couch
I set about making the couch, on which I can relax, stretch my legs, and stare down at the two men who will be hanging onto my heels. Though I don't actually wear very high heels that often, I have spiked heels in mind for this as I work. I create the 'couch' with lazy summer days in mind, legs outstretched.....maybe taking a nap as the men hang there.....
I end up with a funny-looking piece of furniture, with the men literally hanging by my heel-tips. It occurs to me it looks like the men could fall off at any moment if they stopped kissing and sucking my heels. It then occured to em how funny this would be if the men fell into water and drowned when thy stopped sucking. So the couch would be a little boat!

Step Three: Bad Bad Boat!
I have no ability to script, so I bought a simple '
boat' script and tossed my couch onto the water to test it. Worked great after 100 corrections. A lot of testing. It was very funny to float around and drift with the men hanging like that. Success!

Step Four: A Little Pier Pressure
Future Femdom has a great view of the ocean but is suspended above the water. There is no actual beach. So I had to make a 'dock' or pier from which the little boats could be launched. I made the dock and set some floating couches there to be anchored, plus added some fun seating options on the dock itself. Cute! But there was no way to get down to the beach / dock area from the rest of the city.....

Step Five: Ups and Downs

I needed to make a Lift, that went from the Aqua Area above down to the Dock and back up again. I tried many elevator systems and scripts. I even invented a very unique spiral shaped lift that was probably too advanced to seen anyplace else. But it was too messy. After countless attempts, I gave up and made a simple teleport ball between the two spots. Not as cute, but simple...

Step Six: Renovation Obsession
After the 'Teleport' platform was made, I realized the entire Aqua Area looked messy now and needed renovation, so I started cleaning all of it up, removing a split level that was annoying and opening up the space. I deleted some squarish spots that bothered me, to get more round edges.......

When a slave sucks your boot heels, it may be fun an relaxing, but it will probably end up being a lot of work in the end.

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