Thursday, October 7, 2010

No Hunting / No Poaching

A reminder to all members that hunting/poaching is strictly forbidden at Future Femdom. Sometimes there is a plague of it through Second Life (especially in 'femdom' places)

Definition of Hunting?:
...taking men away from FF and restricting them so they cannot come back, or restricting them in any way that makes them unusable to the rest of Sisterhood. FF is a societal femdom...a matriarchy, and we work hard to ensure that all men are taught to worship all Woman. Anything that goes against that is not allowed. (this is not a hunting ground)

It's a particular problem at FF as this is an open matriarchy (in other words: no ownership) which sometimes attracts 'hunters' who think its a free place to grab men. Grabbing them is great, and fun, but not if you are taking them away to lock them up or drain their bank accounts. Those things completely undermine a free and open Matriarchy.

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