Sunday, August 22, 2010

Out Of Control Men

There are some uncomfortable discrepancies between 'evolved Feminism' and what one often sees in the 'bdsm/kink' world of Femdom.
Some Defintions:
Evolved Feminism: Respect and Love of All Woman across the globe, on a societal level, in all societies. If even one instance of oppression exists in one corner of Earth, it harms the entire movement. Men must be bred to love and respect to the level of worship, as the willing partners in destiny they are created to be.
Femdom: an admittedly vague word with tenuous roots, but one We can 'redefine' and claim as We wish. Female-Led Business, Community and Society. (men are important to the exten they worship Us as We lead the world)
Bdsm/Kink: relegated to the bedroom, private matters that are not really progressive, but, in fact, keep Femdom in the shadows and unable to evolve.

Now, on to my point!
The Bdsm/Kink world is often the worst place to see Evolved Feminism, as there are STILL situations and a mentality where men are seen as intimidating creatures that must be controlled. There is no need to control a creature that is willingly worshiping you. To cage men, restrain them, chastise them, etc.....These practices speak from a mindset that seems to allow men more power and threat than they deserve.

Men are humorous at times, ridiculous at others, but they are not a threat to the Sisterhood. They are an amusing and pleasurable pastime or distraction sometimes, and a great supportive part of life. but to give them the 'threatening' status elevates them to a priority that they should not have. Note" if a toy seems dangerous, don't play with it, and stop producing it!

We have tolerated arrogance from men in the past, and then elevated them to a threatening status, so much of it is our own doing. But, as society evolves, and the barriers between us dissolve, Sisterhood Connects and We see men as the supportive playthings they can be, the threat must dissolve too.

Yes, the Bdsm/Kink world is often the hardest place to affect these changes. It is very very clever of the patriarchy to 'contain' Evolved Feminism by relegating it to the bedroom and reinforcing behaviors of imprisonment, chastity and restraint. It is as if the entire landscape of pornography-inspired 'femdom' was made to project men a 'necessary-to-contain' threat. That message does nothing to help Empowerment. It merely plays into the egos of men who want to be seen as still 'dominant' (by letting them think 'femdom' is the exception to the rule)

In truth, as Matriarchy becomes the Norm and not the exception, the perceived 'threat' of men will seem more ludicrous and the need to contain them, quite redundant.

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