Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Everyday Play

I decided a long time ago that, no matter how hectic my schedule became, I would always 'make time' for play time.

Relaxation and meditation are so necessary to stay balanced, and there are many ways to destress, but Playing is also very important as a way to stay connected to the fun and positive energy that makes daily life enjoyable.

It is easy to become pulled in so many directions that will eventually take you away from healthy Playtime, so the challenge is to make new time, to set aside moments of fun and frivolity. An hour playing with a few slaves can feel like en entire day of healthy energy and make the rest of your time more rewarding, and the stresses easier to handle.

Not enough time for Playing? I think that's an illusion, because if you make the time then you will have the time.

Stay healthy!

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